Pet & Dental Care in Hatboro, Pennsylvania

Since 2006, pet owners throughout Hatboro, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas have made County Line Veterinary Hospital their choice for personalized pet care, including dental services.

From routine exams to dental cleanings, our vets do it all to keep your pet happy and healthy for a lifetime.

Routine Exams

Because your pet cannot tell you how it really feels, regular physical exams are just as important for your pet as they are for you or anyone.

At our veterinary clinic, we recommend a complete physical at least once a year, though more frequent exams are encouraged.

Parts of Your Pet’s Checkup

Listen to Your Pet’s Heart – Early signs of cardiac disease such as heart murmurs and abnormal heartbeat patterns known as arrhythmias can be heard
   through a stethoscope. Discovering these initial indicators of trouble ahead can lead to identifying and treating the underlying condition before it becomes a
   more serious health threat.
Listen to Your Pet’s Lungs – Health issues such as infections, obstructive diseases, and other problems can be detected by listening to your pet's lungs
   through a stethoscope. The doctor can also assess the overall pulmonary health of your pet.
Check Your Pet’s Teeth & Oral Cavity – Examining your pet's teeth and mouth is an important part of preventing dental disease, which is one of the most
   common health concerns in pets.
Evaluate Your Pet’s Vision– Ocular conditions can be prevented through regular care and screenings. We examine your pet with an ophthalmoscope
   each visit to look for early changes in the retina, lens, and iris.
Look into Your Pet’s Ears – As with dental disease, ear disease is relatively common in pets. Issues such as allergies, swimming or improper bathing,
   food allergies, mites, and other parasites can all contribute to different forms of ear disease. Many ear diseases are difficult to detect and require
   examination by a veterinarian.
Palpate the Lymph Nodes, Abdomen, & Skin – By feeling the skin, we are looking for unusual lumps or swellings as well as evaluating for skin
   discolorations, lesions, or patterns of hair loss or thinning.
Palpate Joints & Muscles – By examining the joints, legs, and other areas of the body, we are able to evaluate for swollen joints, decreased muscle tone,
   and variations in muscle size between the legs. We also observe your pet's gait for developmental issues.

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Body

With proper dental care, many problems are easily prevented; however, if issues are left untreated, they can often lead to larger systemic problems due to oral bacteria entering the bloodstream. This, in turn, can damage the kidneys, heart, and liver.

Keep your pet healthy for a lifetime and bring them to County Line Veterinary Hospital for regular dental care, including cleanings. Additional dental care services include extractions and tooth polishing. Should you have any questions, feel free to call. 

Home Dental Care

Home dental care is a key aspect of keeping your pet healthy, and also recognizing any warning signs of dental disease, including:
Bad Breath – One of the First Signs of Disease
• A Yellowish-Brown Crust of Plaque on the Teeth near the Gum Line
Pain or Bleeding When Your Pet Eats or When the Mouth or Gums
   Are Touched
Red & Swollen Gums
Decreased Appetite or Difficulty Eating
Loose or Missing Teeth

Schedule your pet’s appointment for pet care services to keep them healthy for a lifetime.